Prince William & Kate Middleton adopt a bitch

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Oh my goodness! The world better stop now and listen to this ground-breaking news! The world as we know it will be changed forever! It will be a new day upon us! A new generation! A new way of life! A new way to be!

Hahhahaha as if. The royal couple just adopted a puppy. Prince William and Kate Middleton are the proud new owners of a chocolate brown cocker spaniel. I just like saying cocker spaniel. Call me immature, but it’s funny. He he cocker, cocker, cocker, cocker spaniel. “What kind of dog do you have, m’lady?” “Why I have the finest breed of cock this side of the moor!” Never gets old.

Of course people are going to go bat shit crazy over what they named the pooch. They should totally do something creative and ballsy. Call the hound “Lizzy” or “Chelsea.” She is a bitch after all. OOOOOO SNAP!!!

(Just kidding. Stop freaking out)

Source: E Online

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