One Direction: Up all night Live Tour DVD review *caution: inappropriate*

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One Direction recently released their Up All Night Live Tour DVD and I may or may not have had a viewing party of my own. I know the boys did a couple of weeks ago when they were right here in Toronto, but I feel like I had to do it too. You know, the same kind of thing but the lights were dimmed and alcohol flowed freely.

Oh, I’m sorry. I haven’t really told you about my new love for One Direction, have I? Hahahaha it’s bad. No, really it is. I actually want to apologize for its ridiculousness. It’s sheer outrageous-ness and inappropriate nature. It’s a battle I’m fighting on a daily now.

This may be one of the reasons I declined writing the dvd review myself. I don’t really want you guys to know that dark (yet very enjoyable) side of me. I have once again asked a guest blogger to step in and articulate her feelings on the matter. I may or may not have added a few snippets of my own into the mix. You may or may not be able to tell which parts are mine (it’s actually blatantly obvious).

“After carefully reviewing the One Direction: Up All Night DVD Tour, I have come to the conclusion that I am in love. I am sorta/kinda/maybe at an age that may be classified as questionable when compared to these boys which could also be considered a little creepy, but I dare say I’ve seen worse things.

They’ve got really catchy tunes and I’ve noticed the lack of choreography which I actually kind of enjoy. I feel like it gives them more street cred.

Harry- is gorg!! He always has this just got outta bed smile, (caution: inappropriate line to follow) if you know what I mean, which is cute (caution: inappropriate line to follow) but he needs to wear less clothing. I actually quite like all the boys in suits, they all looked rather delish. Scarves no, jackets yes, especially pea coats 😉

Liam – looked quite dapper in that suit vest, and he definitely has the best voice out of the group, but Harry comes in a very close second.

The extras part of the DVD was a little disappointing. It needed more shenanigans! We know the boys have got it in them, let’s see more! Oh, I just remembered seeing Harry in just his boxer briefs. (Caution: inappropriate line to follow) Yeah…mmmm.”

Back to Laura.

Well, that was interesting, no? I told you I’d warn you before the bad lines were said. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!! I guess I could add a little banter of my own. Fine, you twisted my arm. I find it hard to think of these guys in that “way,” so I’m just not going to. It’s just wrong. I do however, find these boys highly entertaining!

Would it be horrible to ask Niall to read me a Nicholas Sparks novel by a campfire one night? His voice is mesmorizing.

I kind of feel like the worst of the bad pick up lines may actually work for Harry. If I ever find myself in his presence I may just try to avoid him at all costs. I’ll be the one hiding behind all the equipment backstage at the show. Don’t worry, I’m ok.

I picture Louis and Zayn doing random household chores that need to be done. The pool needs cleaning, boys. Yeah, that’s it. Um, how about cutting the lawn and bringing me a lemonade? Thanks.

And Liam, oh Liam. You’re my favourite. Just leave on the suit with the vest, sit down beside me with the newspaper and go over world events with me while Jay-Z rocks on in the background. That’s how I see you. Your voice haunts my dreams. That’s my vision.

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