NKOTBSB flirt with fans before the show in London

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I have so much to say about the NKOTBSB show last night in London, that I have to split it up into 2 separate posts. That my friends, I have never done. I have tooooo many damn pictures to put up and so little space! I want you to be able to see, appreciate and reminisce as much as you possibly can. Awwwww…shucks.

First of all, let’s discuss all things boys and kids related before the show.

How freakin’ hot was it? I was dyyyyyyying. Call me a princess, but I’m not made for humidity like that. My hair definitely isn’t either. If you have curly hair, you know what I’m talking about. Unbathed sheepdogs looked better than I did yesterday. Then it rained. PRAISE THE WEATHER!! That was spoken in a sarcastic tone, if you didn’t catch on.

Anyhoodles. I joined the throngs of fans outside the John Labatt Centre to see if we and they could catch a glimpse of one or all of the 9 gorgeous pieces of male flesh before the show. One of the reasons I love the JLC? It’s meet and greet friendly. Wayyyyyy better than it’s older, bigger, 2 hour away neighbour ACC in Toronto. That place is a fortress.

Did the JLC pull through? Yes indeed!! First up! Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys. He was outside chit chatting for a freakin’ longass time. He took his time and took pictures with anyone who asked. That was classy. Howie D, also from the Backstreet Boys, came out next and did just the same. This kinda made the heat dissipate slightly. That is, until I looked in a mirror and saw the reflection of angry, killer tomato (80’s reference).

It was a little while before the other boys came out to see anyone. AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys then came out to say hello as well. Nick Carter only did a drive-by wave, but he later spent some time with the fans at the scheduled after party, where he mingled and canoodled with everyone and sang a couple songs.

Then Joey McIntrye came out. Oh me, oh my. My personal favourite. He was IT when I was 8. He-man, She-ra and the Thundercats didn’t stand a chance!!! He charmed his way around to all the fans waiting for a glimpse, and as well took pictures with anyone who asked. The picture I put up may not be so close you can see his pores, but I thought it was super adorbs. Better than the close ones.

Maybe it was because it was the last show of the tour? Maybe not. Does it matter? Nah. Twas a magical day for anyone thinking it was still 1989 or 1999.

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  1. Carmen says:

    I went to their show on Sunday but dang it! I knew I should’ve been standing outside the JLC all day!

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