NKOTBSB do some forbidden dancing on Dancing with the Stars…

  • SumoMe

Haven’t had your boy band fix in a while? Don’t fret, for your withdrawl with stop tonight! NKOTBSB (Backstreet Boys & New Kids on the Block)¬†are on the brink of their summer tour and decided to kick it off on Dancing with the Stars. Joey McIntyre was once on the show, so it’s nothing new for him. I just wish they had more new material – are you with me? I love them and all…..but if I hear “As long as you love me,” or “The right stuff” one more time I’ll throw something at the tv. I don’t want to do that – I love my tv. Don’t make me harm my tv, NKOTBSB. Haha that rhymed. We need more than just two new songs. That’s right – two. C’mon people!!

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