NKOTBSB cd released | Today Show June 3, 2011 @donniewahlberg @nkotbsb

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That’s right, you read correctly. The NKOTBSBALKKELBKLSOIGZ album came out yesterday.

Did ya like the little joke there? I added even more letters to the acronym making it somewhat resemble a bar code?

Ha ha ha? No?

Fine. The NKOTBSB came out with their first cd together yesterday. The top 5 fan-voted songs from each group along with 2 original songs and a mash-up making up the content of the disc. I have tix to a couple of their shows this summer, and I’m pissing my pants in anticipation. I’ve loved them both for…dare I say it…..approching 2 decades?



Sorry, had to get a kleenex to clean up my aging tears and the remnants of my anti-wrinkle cream. Gawd, my girdle is bunching too. Hate that!

There will be 9 men on the stage at the same time. NINE. The A535 will totally be making an appearance the morning after. Too much neck twisting.

The men will be on the Today Show on June 3rd as well. I know I’ll be up, but will you? Old people get up at 5am remember…..

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