NKOTB’s Jordan Knight & Joey McIntyre appearing at Chum Fm’s morning breakfast in Toronto

  • SumoMe

I kinda love my city during the holidays. Toronto attracts celebrities like old people to cream soups. If you’ve heard the radio ads on 104.5 chum fm then you already know about this sold-out show. Two members of the New Kids on the Block will be attending the Chum Fm morning show breakfast, among other celebs. Jordan Knight and Joey McIntyre will be live at the Masonic Temple from 5:30am – 9:00am on Friday, December 16, 2011. I know, it’s sad that this event is sold out, but don’t fret! It doesn’t say stalker in the title of this blog for nothing. They still have to enter and exit the building so maybe you can catch a glimpse then if you’re up for the wait. There’s a great coffee place across the street if you get cold. Good luck!

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