Nina Dobrev covers this month’s Nylon Magazine

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Our very own home-grown Canadian It girl, Nina Dobrev, graces the cover of this month’s Nylon Magazine.

Funny story about Nina. I stood in a green room no more than 2 feet from her once. I tried to do an “accidental” ass graze, but failed miserably. I just looked like I had no control over my limbs whatsoever. Hey, her ass looked super firm and tight. I wanted to see what a 24/7 trainer’s results felt like. So sue me (please don’t). Ok, so the story wasn’t exactly funny. Bah!

Anyways, in her interview she talks about what it’s like to hear her old friend Drake on the radio and what kind of roles she wants to do in the future. Nowhere does it say anything about what it’s like to bang Ian Somerhalder. I know!!! I totally would have paid $3.95 to read that too! Damn it! Anyways, she does have some nice things to say about other non-Ian topics so give it a whirl. Her pics are uber cute too.

Source: Nylon Magazine


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