Nicki Minaj gives Drake a lap dance at the Toronto Britney Spears show

  • SumoMe

First off, I would like to get something off my chest.

Nicki Minaj is the shit!!!!

Seriously, she was freakin’ amazing tonight. She shouldn’t be opening for anyone – she should have her own tour. I love Britney Spears, and she always has amazing opening acts, but seriously…Nicki. Bring it! From the hair, to the kickass lipstick, to that ass! To the wicked outfits, and to having DRAKE on stage !!!!

I kinda had a feeling that Drake might make an appearance. He does live here after all, and they are kinda tight. He’s a sexy beast, isn’t he? Take a gander at the video I took of them singing “Moment 4 Life,” and the LAP DANCE Nicki gives him.

She’s wicked live. So theatrical and totally entertaining. A lot of opening acts just stick to the main stage and don’t interact with the audience all that much. It was awesome to see Nicki literally all over the stage, front to back. The dirty dance moves she had with her backup dancers were the shit too. Hahaha riskee isn’t the word. More people should be that brave. She did quite a few songs too…..seriously….own tour. Hook that shit up.

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