Nick Jonas|Wet see-through t-shirt| Bad pick up lines. They go together so well.

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I had just found a pic of Joe Jonas to make fun of and then I came across this one of his brother Nick.


Now if I was 10 years younger and “coincidently” in Thorpe park, England as well, I may get out the my own set of pick-up lines. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Cuz well, Joe who? This pic looks likeĀ  something you’d find on Playgirl’s editing floor. Notice the face turned away from the camera so you don’t have to freak yourself out by who it actually is. Anyways, back to the pick-up lines. “Are you an organ donor? Cuz I need one.” “I know you’re a virgin. I’m not, but you can have the box it came in.” And if those don’t work I could always ask him to play a game of naked leap frog. He’s practically a child, he’d totally go for it, right?

I feel so dirty after this post. And not in a good way.

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