Nick Jonas talks Jonas Brothers reunion & Smash

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The young and ripe for the pickin’ Nick Jonas was just on the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda. I kinda like those two bitches. All they’re lacking are a couple of alcoholic beverages to go along with their morning banter. Yes, I am aware that it is MORNING banter, but a cocktail makes everything rosier (I’m not promoting alcoholism).

Anyways, the only Brother of Jonas I have yet to meet was there to promote his stint on the show Smash that will air next week. Have you seen this show? F*cking fabulous I tell you. Believe me! Everything I tell you is reliable, respectable and true. Hahahahhahaha!

He also chats about how he’s doing that little Broadway play, “How to Succeed in Business without even Trying” that he’s due to continue for the next 6 months. Oh, and it seems like all 3 Brothers¬† Jonas are gonna be under the same roof for the first time in a long ass time. They’ll be starting to write their next album starting next week. That should make stalking them easier, no?! If you want to meet them just do what I did. Walk around aimlessly in Manhattan not looking for them at all. They’ll just pop out from a random alley. They will. The Brothers Jonas are stealth like that.

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