Nick Jonas knows how to treat fans. Bout time someone showed some class

  • SumoMe

Found a couple videos of Nick Jonas from the other day.  He finished his rehearsals for Les Miserables in London, England and was leaving the theatre. There was a crapload of fans waiting for him outside.

This dude is suave.

This dude’s got skill.

This dude’s got patience.

I talk a lot of smack about the JoBros. but this little tyke impressed me. He didn’t even smirk, ignore or turn his back on anyone. He took pics and was genuinely NICE to his fans!!! WTF!?! I KNOW!! No one does that.

From one former stalker to another.

Thank you, Nick Jonas. You’re a class act.

Take note every other celebrity I talk about on here! That’s what you’re SUPPOSED TO DO! We make you what you are. Thank us dammit.

Here’s a fan pic of Nick and a very lucky lady. She shall remain anonymous.

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