Nick Jonas in Les Miserables in London’s west end

  • SumoMe

I think those circle jerkers are on to me. Great. That’s the last thing I need! Imagine what their weapons would be…..

I was just in London, England, and now so is Nick Jonas. Apparently he’s going to take a step away from the teeny bopper limelight and try some stage work again – this time in Les Miserables. Is he playing Cosette? Ha. He could pull it off. I kid, I kid, before I get hunters at my back door. This show doesn’t open til October 3, 2010 so you fanatics have got a while to wait. One time only? I could look it up, but I’m too lazy. It’s at the O2 arena, and that place is pretty huge so who knows. Again, don’t care. I guess the 4 month wait gives all the crazies more time to save up for the flight. See, dumb move. Jonas, you should have just done it outta nowhere! Shocked them all! Screw with their heads! That’s always a good time.

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