Nick Jonas coming back to SMASH!

  • SumoMe

EXCITING!!! I blogged about how much I loved Nick Jonas of the Brothers Jonas on the new TV show Smash a little awhile ago. If you haven’t watched it yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??!! Anyways, I’m sooo excited to say that Nick will be back on the show as the little Lyle West with no game! Amazeballs! This is all according to the Hollywood Reporter who broke the news.

“The singer-actor will reprise his guest starring role as Lyle West in the May 14 season finale of the NBC musical drama. Jonas told THR last month that there was “definitely” an opportunity for Lyle to return to the series. “Lyle’s in this one episode and maybe he’ll come back in the future and be involved in another episode. You definitely could see Lyle pop up,” he said.”


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