Nick Carter is 32 today. Holy crap.

  • SumoMe

Omg I feel old today. Not the usual old you feel when you graduate high school or college, but the real “holy f**k I’m ancient” old. I remember being a young tot (not really, but let’s just think so) and the Backstreet Boys first came out. ‘Twas a lovely time filled with Neutrogena acne treatments, taking the bus and tear-away Adidas pants. Back then I thought that Nick Carter was super old, being 18 at the time, and would absolutely be the father of my future progeny. Oh, what false dreams I had back then. He really wasn’t old at all. Now? I still don’t want to say he is because that will force me to accept my own age. That bastard is 32 years young today. Thirty-two!!! Oh woah-is me!

Enough with the pity party though, right? I would like to wish Nickolas Gene Carter a very happy 32nd and many more to come. He’s still my favorite and will remain the symbol of my youth. I know there are thousands of others that feel the same!! Are ya with me?

Happy Birthday Nick.

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  1. Mel says:

    Seriously, When you look at their ages- Nick (32), AJ (34), Brian (36), Howie (38) and Kevin (40) I really just do not want to admit that we are grown up. FML we are all getting old. Its downhill from here… right? Ah well, I’ll just watch some old hitlist videos and feel youthful again lol Happy Birthday Nickolas Gene Carter!


    happy belated birthday nick

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