Neverest made the panties disintegrate in Toronto last night

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If you were in Toronto for the last couple nights, then you should have been at the Air Canada Centre. Was I? Uh….yeah?!! Although the men’s bathrooms were closed due to, well, lack of men, it was still a good time.

P.S. when they close the men’s room, it doesn’t mean you can skip the mile long ladies’ line and pop right in. They’ll ask you flat out to show your wang to get in. Needless to say, I did not get in.

Anyways, the main attraction for the evening was NKOTBSB or the New Kids on the Block with the Backstreet Boys for the dyslexic. They’re great and all, but I found myself scrurrying to my seat in time to see the opening act.


Toronto’s own Mike, Spee, Paul and Brendan. They must have been nervous as sh*t! Not just ‘cuz it was their hometown and there were 32 000 eyes staring back at them, but because the chicks were already pumped for 9 other men and ready to pounce at any moment. Ripped clothing wouldn’t just be a potential hazard, but welcomed.

Neverest didn’t end up with any ripped clothing (pouting), but they were fantabulous anyways! They sang their current single, “Everything,” along with others like “Blame Me” and of course “About Us.” Here’s a link from the lauralikey youtube of their performance.

Enjoy the pics too, ladies.  This site will always be bicep-friendly. Enjoy.

Neverst – Toronto – NKOTBSB

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