Naya Rivera gets paid to celebrate her birthday at the Mirage in Las Vegas

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Glee‘s Naya Rivera took to Las Vegas recently to celebrate her 25th birthday. Anyone else notice that every cast member from that damn show does the same thing? They must pay amazingly well. The venue of choice is usually Tao at the Venetian, but Naya partied up at the Mirage. No one┬áparties there anymore after that tiger bit one of those 2 showmen in the white sequin outfits. Yeah, I know that doesn’t quite narrow it down enough for you. You know who I’m talking about! Crap, I totally can’t remember their names. Whatevs.

Naya is the best singer on the show. Only now is she getting the solos she deserves. I’m not a huge Rachel Berry fan so please don’t send me overwhelming amounts of hate mail. I won’t read it. I’ll laugh at it. Anyways, congradulations are in order for the pretty lady of Glee! Happy quarter century, my dear.

How about this year you make yourself available to your fans while you’re on tour. Just sayin’!


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