My take on Kim Kardashian’s car photos…err…W Magazine shoot

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For someone who regretted posing for Playboy, you sure make sense!

Kim Kardashian, famous for that never-been-done-before-oscar-calibur-film of hers, has decided to strip all of it down and pose for W Magazine. A rather classy magazine has gone well…less than classy. I guess you’re not naked if you’re covered in silver paint. I should try that at church the one time of year I go – Christmas. I mean, I could pick red and green to be festive and expect praise for my one of a kind outfit. I don’t think it’ll go over well though, I mean, aren’t the priests used to less boobage? hahaha ok, ok, low blow – literally.

I’ll stop! I swear!

I have an ass and a small waist, much like Kim…but I wouldn’t give it the same paint job as my car. I mean, if I did what she did and walked down the street, I’d confuse all the kids in my neighbourhood. If me and her were standing beside each other we’d look like one of those jumping balloon castle thingys you rent out for kids’ bday parties. Everyone would try to jump on me and bounce around….well, I guess that no different than going clubbing.

And you know what? I didn’t want to get started on the nipples…I was gonna just leave it….but I can’t. Those puppies look ripe for a milkin! And not in a sexy way…in a let’s get out the breast-pump-cuz-my-boobs-are-engorged type of way.

Way to go Kim! Way to keep it classy!

UPDATE (Jan 31/2011)

Retarded amount of traffic on this post today – cuz the episode of Kourtney & Kim take New York involving this spread aired last night. If what was protrayed last night on the show was true, I apologize. She was taken advantage of fo shiz. That was low, that was dirty…I’d sue.


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  1. cutecat says:

    ugh.i hate u kim

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