Michael Buble, Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise @ Paul McCartney concert in Toronto

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So if you were at the Paul McCartney concert last night in Toronto, you were in for a decadent treat. Not only was the Beatle in attendence, but some hot ass was too.

Michael Buble was sitting in section 117 of the Air Canada Centre with a mysterious brunette and a bodyguard. I’d guess it was his fiancee, but she’s crazy blonde. How would you even be able to pay attention to the concert with THAT in plain site?  My neck would be craned over in his direction the entire time. Who are we kidding….I would have somehow gotten over to that section and taken an empty scalper bought seat. Friendly tip: you should always try to upgrade yourself at concerts. Scalpers never sell all their seats, so after it starts, feel free to move on up. Rarely does anyone say anything. I’ve gotten the odd asshole telling me off, but seriously? No one is sitting there anyways.

I’m going to Buble’s show in a couple days, so I’ll catch him but good. Stay tuned for footage.

Oh, and Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise, along with Katie’s parents were seated in section 118, just a couple rows down from Michael. She’s in town filming the Kennedy’s. Naw, I’d still stalk the hell outta Michael, but maybe with Mission Impossible music to make sure Katie didn’t feel left out.

No pics yet, but hello? Someone send me one!

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3 Responses to Michael Buble, Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise @ Paul McCartney concert in Toronto

  1. Jason Bouchard says:

    I was at the Paul McCartney show with my Dad. We sat on Section 118, Row 5, Seats 5-6. I did see Michael Buble 20-30 minutes before the show started when I noticed people taking pictures with someone. And when I saw the person’s face more clearly, I noticed it was Michael Buble. But I’m pretty sure I saw him and his friends sit on Section 118 and they were about 6-7 rows behind us, not on Section 117. I didn’t take any pictures, nor talk to him. I also didn’t know that Katie Holmes, her daughter and parents were also at the show and were in the same section as us. Only other thing to say, the show was excellent!

  2. Linda a Levy says:

    Oh how I wish I culd have been there, also would love to know who the Brunette supposidly with Michael was

  3. Olivia says:

    The brunette was probably his stylist, Holly.

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