Michael Buble in Toronto, August 2010| Hotass show I tell you

  • SumoMe

So went  to the Michael Buble show last night in Toronto. Wickedness!!!

He knows how to put on a show. One thing I hate is when a group/person gets out there and just flings out the songs with no commentary in between. Like, we came to see YOU! If we just wanted to hear the songs, we’d play the cd at home.

Michael bantered on about his new fiancee and how if Tiger Woods’ wife were South American, there would be no way that sh*t would have gone down. South American women are fiesty I take it. He also went on to talk about how he loved Michael Jackson as a kid. He’d dress up like him and practice the dance moves in his room. Here is the video of that here……..


Oh, and here’s a hotass pic of him.


And here’s another delish video I took of him singing I Just Haven’t Met You Yet.

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