Matthew Morrison lectured London in swing, summer rain & sexiness

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So last night at the John Labatt Centre all of my boyband dreams came true. But before the anticipation of seeing NKOTBSB almost made my dinner make a second appearance, I had the retinal pleasure of seeing the sexiest teacher take the stage. While going through my eons of schooling, I only ever had a thing for one teacher. A professor actually. He was English, transferred from Oxford and had an eyebrow ring. Accents always boost the points scale to make it start with an automatic “3.” I’m talking about a hotness scale – everyone does it! Anyways, last night Matthew Morrison of Glee kinda blew that whole fantasy of mine right outta the water.

Professor who? All I could think of was Mr. Schuster and how I’ve met most of his students, but never the man in charge. He started off with a song I personally know best by Michael Buble, but done many times before him, “Sway.” In full tuxedo swag that ended up drenched in sweat. He turned on the charm and the swingy dance moves to match. Then his feet took centre stage as he did one-handed handstands and the moonwalk in honour of three favourite triple threats – Michael Jackson, Gene Kelly and Patrick Swayze. Then Matt rapped out “Gold digger” by Kanye West and belted out a few original songs from his solo album – “Summer Rain” and “Hey.” If I forgot anything, I apologize. I was almost anticipating a slushie in the face. That might have come in handy, actually.

Thanks again, John Labatt Centre, for allowing to enjoy the free view, free booze, best classroom experience that I’ve ever had.

Oh, and for the girlies that were trying to track down Mr. Morrison earlier in the day – some lucky people got to meet him just before the show came to an end. Matt made a quick exit from the venue and posed for a few pictures along the way. My little friend Ethan got to say hi. Take a look below.

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