Mark Zuckerberg on Saturday Night Live

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Rumour (Canadian spelling) has it that Mark Zuckerberg will be making an appearance on Saturday Night Live tomorrow night. That would be the shiz! Jesse Eisenberg is hosting, and duh, plays him in the movie. There hasn’t been good feelings from the Facebook team regarding the making of the movie, the Social Network, but here’s to a good joke or 3 being made anyhow.

Sure, the movie doesn’t make Mark seem all that nice, but it’s a good story. He’s worth how many billions of dollars anyways, so why care what others think? He could just buy everyone’s houses and make them homeless if he wanted to. He could then project a mighty image of himself in the sky every night saying “A ha I’m richer than you and now own you!” Either way he wins.

I’d love to meet Mark Zuckerberg. I have a thing for fellow nerds. Me <3 them. That’s a whole other post though – – – here’s to hoping that Mark actually does appear on the show!

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