London loves Neverest & Neverest loves London….& Lauralikey

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The ladies of London were lined up last night to see NKOTBSB, but some were definitely lingering to catch a glimpse of Canada’s best new band, Neverest. I’ve been posting about them for awhile now…..You better have been paying attention! What do I have to do ladies? Make them talk to you directly???!! Ok….if you insist.

Among the hysterics of the John Labatt Centre back lot crowd, I was able to take a few moments with Neverest for some light-hearted chat chit. Yeah, I switched that up. Like it and love it. Take a gander and hear how Spee loves him some London and… *blushes.* Mike, Paul and Brendan also proclaim their love for me as well *blushes some more.* It reminded me of the lovefests you have in university when you’re insanely intoxicated, throwing “I love you’s” around freely with shots, but this time I don’t need the beer goggles. That means they’re hot – just to point that out for the sober.

The JLC was kind enough to ask me to review the entire show, so I’ll start with Neverest’s set. “Lovesick” – only when you guys keep winking the hell outta the audience. You know that’s going to get you into trouble, right? “Everything” – my personal favourite and chart topper. “About Us” – it will be when I get my mic in front of you in the future. Oh, and “The Chase” – that flirty little game your fans are really loving to play. Your set was too short!! You kept us wanting more, and we will definitely come out again to get another dose.

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2 Responses to London loves Neverest & Neverest loves London….& Lauralikey

  1. Sherry says:

    Kinda dissappointed there is nothing said about NKOTBSB on this review, seeing it was their last show and the majority of people there were from all over the world FOR NKOTBSB. =(

  2. Laura says:

    Patience. There will be one for every act last night. I can only work so fast! Nkotbsb will be up tonight

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