London gave NKOTBSB their hearts…they shook their junk in return.

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Picture this – – 9 gorgeous men designed for entertaining and wooing the female gender. Each a gentleman, a dedicated pleaser, and a soulful singer. Together they sing ballads and gyrate to dance rhythms that create palpatations in the hearts of millions. There is only one thing they need to generate such intensity, heat, and magnitism. Only one thing that helps them to strive to the feat of becoming every woman’s fantasy when she’s sleeping with someone else. What is that one thing? Do you really want to know?

A penis stage.

You read right. It’s architecture surpasses any stage that has come….before. The New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys came together last night at the John Labatt Centre in London, Ontario for their last concert as one. Their last concert on the phallic structure above all others.

The show was a 5/5, 10/10, whatever number you want….that’s what it was as long as it’s good in your mind. I never knew who to look at. It was a constant tease for the entire 2 hours and 45 minutes. They performed their greatest hits and their most well-known dance moves. Who else was doing the “Get Down” dance??!!!!! Hells ya!!! “Step by Step?” “The Right Stuff?” “Everybody, Backstreet’s Back?” Damn right I pelvic thrusted, and so did the other 8000 women and 85 men in the room.

The show really did revolve around the phallis. I’m not just using that as a clever metaphor. Women love a good thrust, and they gave us that and more! AJ came up on stage during “Cover Girl” in just his gitch, giving Donnie Wahlberg something to choke on. Joey McIntyre later did the same during “Quit playin’ games.” Please see the hysterical videos provided below. NIck Carter later pulled twins up on stage during “I’ll Never Break Your Heart.” Each boy pulled someone on stage, but it was so Nick to bring up a duo. He gave a good striptease minus the stripping to those girls. Howie gave him a junk punch after that to cool down his excitement. Awww..Howie….good move.

Howie also brought a great sign up for all to see. It was dedicated to Danny “10 inches” Wood. Something so wrong, yet so …accepted lol. This was during the thank you portion of the show. It was perhaps the longest, but most sincere set of speeches I’ve ever heard at a concert before. Each member thanked each other for coming together for the tour. Not everyday 2 superpowers merge into a singing wet dream. And succeed. The crowd thanked them as well by holding up several thousand pink hearts that simply read “thank you NKOTBSB.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

I will love all of you until the day I die. NKOTBSB fans are dedicated, passionate and have damn good taste in music. We will probably deny it in public, and refer to your songs only but the number they are on the cd, but we will come to your shows until our bones give out.

Thank you, JLC. For letting me see my favourite groups up close and personal. I was honoured to do so!

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