Lea Michele & Cory Monteith fans go bat shit over Lea’s lusty tweet

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A couple hours ago Finchel fans worldwide went ape shit over a tweet. Yes, full out ape shit. Lea Michele tweeted this during her escapade at Coachella.

“Hanging @ the @lacostelive pool party! Think I just saw a really hot 6’3 Canadian with a tribal arm band hanging by the pool..So happy :)”

I like the way Lea fucks with the media. It’s one of her smarter moves.

Source: All Cory Tumblr


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3 Responses to Lea Michele & Cory Monteith fans go bat shit over Lea’s lusty tweet

  1. Sad state of affairs says:

    You do know that if any of this was happening with any other of Lea’s numinous ships those shippers would be as silly right?

    I mean these are people who manipulate old Spring Awakening pictures and insert their fav Lea partner over Jon Groff’s head .

    Or these are they people who got excited when because in a video they heard Lea asked their fave partner if they wanted salad.

    So of them are so tied up in these ship they are near irrational. As if Lea and whomever are together that somehow will affect their lives.

  2. June says:

    The actors are separate of the characters they perform. That stated, I find irony in that Cory is wearing conveniently a Lacoste blk shirt & the organizers tweeted a thank you to Lea. Staged?? Hmm. Also interesting that Naya & Dianna got no media coverage goin to/fr NY/SF -seems to clear media wave coverage for Murphy’s key couple (favoritism?) GLEE needs to sow new talent w btr storylines & not rely on crutch of few main characters who LOOK TOO OLD even w make-up. Mgt must change PR strategy.

  3. Dina says:

    Love Cory, he is so sweet and nice to his fans. Lea is a total bitch irl. He can do so much better. I saw her up close once and the amount of make-up on her face scared me. How gorgeous is Cory tho, she does need to write a book.

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