Lauralikey vs. The Wanted in Toronto

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The Wanted smothered Toronto like melted cheese on a mouth-watering sandwich over the last few days. First it was at the airport, where they tweeted their whereabouts, then it was all around the city’s radio stations, then the autograph session, Breakfast television, and finally Much Music.

If you didn’t meet them at least once, you weren’t standing still long enough. If you just stood in the middle of downtown for 30 minutes straight, one of them was bound to run smack right into you.

We did at the autograph session along with 300 other wristband-clad fans. I think they were happy. Although the band started the gig 45 minutes late, and 2 blisters later in new heels I might add, the fans didn’t seem to care all that much. Personally, I was quite impressed by these young lads. They were all over their fans like jelly to peanut butter! Hugs, high fives, winks to the ladies in the back. It was all given among the sheer shock of the turn out. Hey boys, this is Canada. If you didn’t know, we kinda dig the whole boy band thing. They tend to do well here.

Check out the pics of Nathan, Jay, Tom, Max and Siva or just fast forward to a couple videos of their performances and clever quips.


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