Lauralikey reader meets Michael Buble!

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Me loves it when people meet their idols. Meet Chelsea. She plays saxophone and dreams of playing in the orchestra of one of her favourite artists….one being Michael Buble. He was in Victoria, British Columbia for a show last week and her mom surprised her with awesome seats. Then she met the man. Here’s her story. I can feel the giddyness as I read her words.

“My mom surprised me with tickets for that night! she bought them the day of the show, and they were RIGHT beside the stage, five rows up. Maybe 15 feet away tops! The show was INCREDIBLE of course! during the last 5 or 6 songs, I ran down to stand right infront of the stage – literally two feet away from the man! ugh – why is he married?!

After the show, i ran out to find where he’d be leaving from. There were about 50 fans on one side of all the trucks and buses, but on the OTHER side of the buses there were only four other fans waiting beside two passenger vans! His band all came out and got into the vans – i talked to a few of them and they were super nice! they drove off, and we asked security if Michael had left. he said “yeah, he’s long gone.” We then asked if he’d lie to us, and the security guard looks around him, then nods his head! so we KNEW michael was still there!

Sure enough, maybe ten minutes later, Michael comes out of the door with his entourage. He greeted the five of us fans, thanked us all, and said he had to be really quick because his whole family was there visiting that night. When it was my turn to get a photo with him, I went to put my arm around his shoulders, and he goes “oh here! let me snug you sweetie!” and put his arm over my shoulders and pulled me in close. I think i died at this point. i’ve also concluded that a “snug” is a snuggle hug. so michael buble snuggle hugged me. Life complete.

We briefly small talked, i don’t really remember what nonsense i blurted out to be honest. i do know that i told him that i play the saxophone and my goal is to be in his band one day, to which he replied ‘good! my band members are getting old!’

He then said his goodbyes, got into the van with who i assume was a bunch of his family [i think one of the ladies was his sister, but really, can you blame me for not paying attention to who else was there?! michael fucking BUBLE was in front of me! hahaha], and drove off.

So cute!!!!!

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