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So over the weekend I know that at least a few of you went to see the new Robert Pattinson movie, Cosmopolis. I saw it as well. Was it an artsy film? Sure. Was it beyond my knowledge of film-making? Yes. Do I really have a comment on the film? No. I’m not a fan of being lashed out by thousands. Most of the time I’m cool with it, but I’m having a not-so-good day. Why ruin it completely?

I decided to let a guest blogger of sorts be apart of the site today. Here is her review of Cosmopolis. If you liked it, great! I’m happy for you! Let’s celebrate with a tequila shot and cake. If not, then you are apart of a large group not unlike this girl….

“Went to see Cosmopolis last night with the bff, and as a die hard Rob Pattinson fan I have to say this was his worst movie of all time! Worse than ‘Little Ashes,’ worse than ‘How To Be.’ There were people walking out of the theatre – that’s how bad it was. The storyline and characters were impossible to follow! You could tell it was gonna be a doozy from the first 5 minutes.

And there were only two legit sex scenes, which you would think would get your juices flowing being Rob and all….yeah….no….they just came off as creepy and weird. What a huge disappointment!

I don’t understand why his ‘wife’ in the film wouldn’t have sex with him, the poor guy pretty much had to beg, and came up with an excellent ‘let’s screw’ pick up line ‘you have your mother’s tits, they’re stand up tits’ hahahahaha what the hell??

Unless you’ve read the book and actually liked it, don’t go see this movie.”

And there you have. Boourns indeed.


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