Lauralikey reader meets Peter Facinelli

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You know what I love? When fans meet celebs and the celebs were uber nice to them. Me likey.

A Lauralikey fan and reliable contributer, Chelsea, met Peter Facinelli a couple days ago in the Vancouver/Vampire City airport. He was just wrapping up on Breaking Dawn from the looks of things……Here’s what she had to say about the encounter – – –

“After arriving in vancouver airport on the saturday of easter weekend, i thought i’d be super sneaky and get my cousin to pick me up at the departures level of the airport, as it’s wayyy less crowded than arrivals. if you’re not familiar with vancouver airport: there’s international departures on one side, domestic on the other, and this “no man’s land” where you can come out of arrivals in the middle. so, strolling through the “no mans land” towards the domestic area, who do i see? mr. Papa Cullen himself, Peter Facinelli! looks like Peter has some sneaky tricks too…he got dropped off at domestic and then walked through the airport to international departures, to avoid papz i assume.  Seeing that he was in a hurry, i didn’t go all ‘OMG!!’ on him..just said hi, told him i was a fan of his work, and said happy easter! he said thanks, shook my hand, and was on his way.  Boring, i know, but like i said, he looked rushed/exhausted as hell. Poor guy. Regardless, a very unexpected twilight-cast encounter!”

Me loves!

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