Lauralikey meets Will Ferrell & Zach Galafinakis while in Toronto for The Campaign

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Hey peeps,

I was out on the Toronto streets yesterday in the blazing heat. In jeans by the way. I thought I’d throw that in there for some sympathy points. It was hotter than a crotch! That just added to my delirium. I decided to go out all day after being up all night. I had a lovely 32 hour day in the end. You know what? I didn’t even see any giant penguins following me around. Kinda peeved me ‘cuz me and Penguin have got some unfinished business to attend to.

I was out to catch the press tour and premiere of Will Ferrell and Zach Galafinakis ‘ new movie, The Campaign. They added Toronto as their only Canadian stop on their whirlwind press junket. I got to meet them at the Hockey Hall of Fame, where they formally acknowledged the city with Mayor Rob Ford in attendance.

The men rode in on a zamboni, Will wore his LA Kings jersey and they posed with the Stanley Cup. What the hell does hockey have to do with anything? I dunno. I get why the mayor was there – you know, the whole “campaign” theme. Har de har har. Hockey sticks and pucks? Me no comprehend.

The mayor kissed Will and Zach’s asses by giving them each a miniature Stanley Cup that will most likely end up in a hotel trash can, a “Vote for Ford” bumper sticker and a Tim Horton’s gift card.


Well, I wasn’t expecting a lifetime membership to a gym or anything (get it – cuz Ford failed at that whole losing weight thing).

Will spoke for a bit and thanked the LA Kings for being the best hockey team ever while the crowd whispered death threats under their breaths. Zach walked in two strapping a backpack with a tray of muffins for everyone. The men later on stopped by Much Music to chat on New Music Live where they greeted some more eager fans. Inside the actual premiere at the Scotiabank Theatre, security was uber successful at preventing any fans from getting pictures with the twosome. Will was willing to, but security douchebags struck again. Everyone was surprisingly tame too. Whatevs.

Check out the pics and go see the Campaign!!!


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