Lauralikey meets the New Kids on the Block!

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My 8-year old self freaked out on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Freaked out indeed. It was like I was in my old jean jacket with their picture on the back and the giant button on the front. Of course it was matched with my Reebok hightops and side ponytail. Oh, to be that young girl again wishing to be the Cover Girl in the Hangin’ Tough home video. Who else wore that out?

I got to talk to the New Kids on the Block while they were here in Toronto on Thursday, June 9, 2011. Ok, I spent most of my time with Joey, but c’mon?! It’s hard to block out a childhood favourite. How were they and what did they say? Well…I’ll get to that.

Everyone gave hugs. Some lingered longer than others, but I think that was more my doing….sorry, Joe. Is my hand still there? Oh. Joey said there are no plans for a new cd! Boo! They’re just supporting Jordan’s new release at the moment. I think that’s what he said……the blue eyes are too distracting! He also teased me for meeting him for the first time. He asked me if I was a virgin at this…..did the mild hand tremors and stuttering give me away?

If anyone has bought Jordan’s new cd, I hope your favourite song is “Stingy,” cuz it’s his. He freaked out when talking about it. Kinda cute. And Jon!! Heelllllooo!!!!!!! Best hug of the lot! Jon, Danny and DONNIE were kinda quiet though! Surprised, especially at Donnie. He was touchy-feely of course, but someone looked absolutely exhausted. No worries, pumpkin. There are thousands of girls willing to nurse you back to health. Here are a couple pics from the 2 shows and a video of Joey belting out “Please Don’t Go Girl” and all of NKOTBSB singing a number as well. Enjoy.

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  1. Laura B says:

    LOL girl!
    I have news for you… There’s a new NKOTB cd coming this spring…, so, you’ll have plenty of time for more hugs from Joey 😉
    And there are tons of news! come and visit

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