Lauralikey meets the Breaking Dawn Wolfpack! Catherine Hardwicke & Jeffery Dean Morgan

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I love having friends in far away places. Our Lauralikey correspondent Chelsea, is from Nanaimo and frequents Vancouver where we met once upon a time. When we can’t be there ourselves, she does the dirty work…err I mean…heads up our celebrity encounter department. Here’s her story of how she met some of the Wolfpack (Alex Meraz and Chaske Spencer), Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight director) and Jeffery Dean Morgan.

“What turned into a day of escaping to vancouver for a day-trip turned into a day of random celeb-sightings. all within five minutes, literally. My friend was hungover beyond belief, and on our quest to find some greasy hangover food, we passed a large group, composed a director, a few actor, and some randoms [we’re assuming producers, writers, whatnot] coming out of a well-known sushi restaurant in downtown vancouver. apparently, the group went out for lunch, then headed to the Scotia Bank Theatre for a screening of the film “Red Riding Hood” that comes out later this week.  The director, Catherine Hardwick was there. after the screening, she was rushing off to the airport to catch a flight to LA for the premire the next day, but was super friendly in the 20 seconds we talked to her for, and graciously posed for a photo and signed a couple autographs.

Mr. gross ‘stache himself, Billy Burke, was also there sporting a bright pink touque. he’s in the Red Riding Hood film, and was at the screening cause he’s currently in town filming Breaking Dawn. i didn’t really give a shit about him though, so didn’t bother with talking to him. meh.

The highlight of the day by far was when i recognized Jeffery Dean Morgan, of PS. I Love You fame, standing with the group. you know, the gorgeous irish boy who she falls in love with after Gerry dies? yeah, that one. i’ll tell you one thing: i’ve never understood the “old man hot” thing until now. i mean, George Clooney? meh. not for me. but Jeffery Dean Morgan, dang. like, wow. He was amazingly nice, and quickly agreed to a photo. he had to run into the theatre, so we only exchanged a few sentences, but he was very friendly and nice, and said that he loved being in Vancouver.
after the screening, Jeffery and Billy went to a pub for drinks down on Grandville street somewhere.

On a side note, literally about three minutes after this, while still standing in the exact same spot, Chaske Spencer and Alex Meraz, who are in town filming more wolf-pack scenes for Breaking Dawn, walked right towards us. i asked them for a photo, and they quickly agreed. both very nice guys, and said that they absolutely loved being back in Vancouver.”

Way to go Chelsea! I personally loved Jeffery on Supernatural as sex-on-a-stick Winchester brothers’ father, but that’s just me.

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