Lauralikey meets – – Shania Twain!!

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Shania Twain had a book signing in downtown Toronto tonight for the promotion of her new audiobiography entitled, “From This Moment On.” How was it??

Freaking fantastic!

She was gorgeous! And surprisingly short. I find that most celebs are short though. Meh, maybe it’s just me. We said we loved her. We said thank you. Actually, it was more of a mumbled slur of random sounds with a slight spittle. Not enough to actively spray the woman, but enough to cause embarrassment to both parties. That’s what happens when I’m around famous people – sheer embarrassment. She was a delight.

As for Indigo though. A few thoughts. You need a receipt for the book? You don’t? You need one from an Indigo store? It didn’t matter? Oh hell, you don’t need anything to meet her? Wtf? According to the crowd, they kept changing their tune. Then they changed it again and gave wristbands to waiting people that didn’t even buy anything.

Get it straight. Stick to it and don’t shaft people. Good luck with the crapload of returns you’re going to have tomorrow.

Loved that her new hubby videotaped all the fans too. Hearted it.

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