Laura Likey meets Nick Carter! I’m still drooling….

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Blondes. A lot of girls wonder why guys dig ’em. I get it. Oh, I get it. There’s always been one blonde in particular that tickles the fancy quite nicely. If you’re a hater I suggest you stop reading at this point and go elsewhere. The sexual innuendos are only going to get more frequent and severe from this point on. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Nick Carter was in Toronto for a few and I was one of the lucky ones to exchange some DNA with him. Through skin to skin touching, pervs. Arms and hands only, weirdos! Haha, but that’s why I like you. I’d think that too! Anyways, he started his Torontonian journey with another stop at Breakfast television to promote his CD, “I’m Taking Off” and to show his mug. Why is it that whenever Nick is in town all the girls congregate together and wonder what he’s going to look like? Is it going to be super skinny Nick, chubby Nick, short haired Nick or long haired Nick? It’s always a direct comparison to a music video too. I’m slightly partial to Inconsolable and Incomplete Nick.


It was skinny Nick and long haired Nick this time out. I kinda liked this combo! Especially at the concert later that evening. He was nice Nick too! He was this past summer with NKOTBSB as well. I’m liking this trend, oh, I’m liking it. I hope it’s an absolute end to douchebag Nick. He’s shown his face far too often for this lifetime already. Back to the show before the hatemail rushes in (although you know I’m right).

The show. Oh, the show!! Never has a spacesuit looked so grand! The only thing that could top that would be if Mark Walhberg decided to do a space movie. Mmmmm. Nick kinda rocked it. He pulled out the pelvic thrusts and teasing we all know and love. The jacket finally came off three quarters of the way through, but at least it came off. I loved how he strutted through the audience during “Special.” Ah…I remember a time when he would have lost a limb or 2 doing that. Good times. Nick rocked out some of his older stuff from his first solo cd, including my favourite Carter song, “I Got You.” He was sparing on the BSB classics. I’m happy about that. Dude, I’ve heard “As Long As You Love Me” enough times. If I hear that blasted song again I’m going to smother someone with my Backstreet Boys pillow. What?


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