Lauralikey meets Joe Jonas backstage at We Day

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You read the title right. Oh, what a glorious day “We Day” was. Aside from the brother of Jonas oogling, there was a greater message of the day. “We Day” had a giant list of attendees that have a more spectacular resume than you or I. Who can say that they climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with only their arms? Yes, meaning without legs. Speakers from around the world graced the stage with acts such as Joe, Nina Dobrev, Nelly Furtado, City and Colour, and Shawn Desman.

Before I oogle about Joe, please “like” We Day on Facebook. For every person that likes them, they donate $1. Who else does that? Who else broadcasts their event to all the schools involved? Who else has their own dance for their event? We Day. Get involved in inspiring youth towards local and global change.

Now for the Jonas. Yes. It wasn’t what we’ve dreamed of, but I don’t think that unicorns actually exist and there wasn’t a Parisian backdrop. That’s ok though. There were friendly words exchanged, the brushing of arms and smiles all around. Too much smiling. On both parts! Is Joe even capable of not being nice? He was so patient and accommodating to the fans I saw him with. Uber classy.

It’s official. Me likey some Jonas.

Send your pics of you and Joe or any other celeb at We Day from in and around the city yesterday and I’ll post them! @YoItsCameron and @MsChrissyy did. Take a gander!

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