Lauralikey meets Darren Criss!

  • SumoMe

The Gleeks are in Toronto and they’ve been spotted all over town. Darren Criss was nice enough to talk to me, with the Warblers at his side. He seemed kinda tired – maybe being pulled off stage the night before in D.C. may have tuckered him out.

Now, a few other Gleeks (Kevin, Mark & Heather) have been seen all over downtown Toronto but they haven’t been all that fan-friendly. I asked around to see what the fan encounters were like and all I’ve been hearing is “they’ve been avoiding us and ducking out of site. Saying no pictures and walking away.” I hope not all of them will be this way the whole time they are here – Cory Monteith. He has yet to be spotted away from the venue. Or has he?

C’mon Fans! Be nice! You better start or by the time they come around to your city they’ll be grouchy 24/7. They’ll all be Lea! Ouch!

Darren was a sweetheart though. To all Gleeks that will be lucky enough to meet his as well during the meet and greets – enjoy your grilled cheeses backstage! Yum!

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  1. Chelsea says:

    my jelousy of this photo is insane. i better get a photo with him in florida next month!

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