Lauralikey for JLC Concert Reviewer!

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I came across this great opportunity, and I hope (with your help) that it comes through. The people at the John Labatt Centre in London, Ontario have come up with a super fantastic idea for their venue. For some of their concerts being held there, they are picking worthy bloggers to do what they do best – blog about stuff. They give them some tickets to whomever they admire and get to review the show afterwards. They’re doing this for the NKOTBSB show this Sunday, August 7.

For those of you that come on here, you know. Oh, you know. My blog sorta kinda totally revolves around these kinds of people. Those bands have taken up a serious amount of my work vacation days (all of them), and a lot of my parent’s money growing up. I still hear the remnants of their cursing to this day. It’s the best guilt trip they’ve got on me.

“Remember those Backstreet Boys shows you got to go to? Remember how you got to skip school in grade 3 to see Joey McIntyre? I may have started a bad trend by letting you do that!”

Ah yes, music to my ears. Not really, but worth it nonetheless. I met my besties at their shows! Camping out to get seats led to some beautiful friendships! @missmelissa1904 knows I love London, Ontario regardless. I’m there visiting here whenever I can.

It’s a great thing, what the JLC has decided to do. Whether I’m chosen or not (Please!!) it allows fans to feel some importance in it all. Like what they have to say really does matter and doesn’t just blend in with the rest of the screaming and panty-throwing. It also sets aside the JLC from other venues. Besides the fact that their seats always cost less (awesome), this new concept puts fans first. I am hearting this very much.

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