Kim Kardashian Divorces!! But his name starts with a K!!!

  • SumoMe

I kinda had hope for them, but I guess knowing someone for 2 seconds doesn’t really bode well in today’s society.

It’s official! Kim Kardashian is filing for divorce from hubby Kris today.

SeriouslY??? But his name fit so well for the family!!!! How can this be?!!! How will they sell stuff now? Oh wait, they’ll have the tell-all book and loads of interviews in the next few weeks.

It’s only been 72 days! Giving up already??

I’m still sad though. I thought they’d have a fighting chance at least. Khloe is still with her hubby! I know that she isn’t followed quite as much as Kim is, but I’m still sad. I guess I’m a softy at heart. Kim deserves a happy ending. Ah well, it’s not like she can’t get any man she wants. Good luck, Kimmy!

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