Kevin Richardson rejoins the Backstreet Boys & AJ is reproducing!

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This shit is already trending worldwide so it’s kinda old news (although it was released like 7 minutes ago). If you shelled out the money to see the live show featuring the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block than you already know where I’m going with this. The newly married AJ McLean announced during the live show at the 02 arena in London, England that he and his new wife, Rochelle (beyond beautiful by the way), are expecting their first baby. Woohoo! It better be a boy! It will be the 4th baby boy for the group (Brian, Howie and Kevin all have boys) and one step closer to the next generation’s super boy band. If this doesn’t work out I’ll have to resort to the one I’m making on my own with the kids my friends are popping out. No, I’m not already planning their choreography and stage outfits. No.

Speaking of Kevin – The 5th and lost member of Backstreet left the group back in 2005 to do other things. He worked on Broadway for awhile and raised his son. Blah blah, it wasn’t the same without him. Well I guess he got bored of the stage and his kid ‘cuz he announced that he is rejoining the group. Miss the paychecks? Ya, the fans really do dish out on those VIP packages, don’t they? Am I bitter? No. Yes.

Take a look at AJ announcing to the world that he’s expecting his first kid. Watch out for the new tattoos to come.

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