Kellan Lutz? Zac Efron? Joe Jonas? What?

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Let’s play a game, kids!!!! Which one of the 3 doesn’t belong!!! Is it Kellan Lutz? Zac Efron? Joe Jonas?  And I don’t mean this in a bad way. All 3 are loved by many (some delusional), but one is just way better than the others. Another level better. Why are they all even hanging out anyways? To talk about their similar experiences in Ashley Greene’s vagina? Meh, who cares? Talking is for chumps. Ok, so again, who is better than all the others? Well, I’ll give you a hint…..

… rhymes with Helen Mutts.

pic from jj

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One Response to Kellan Lutz? Zac Efron? Joe Jonas? What?

  1. Amanda Jonas says:

    Joe Jonas, by far. It’s his birthday today! 15th August 2011! 22 years old! 😀 <3
    i love him so much; i've never met him but i'd love tooooooo im from australia and hopefully he'll come to australia this year! <3 i love you joe <3

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