Kellan Lutz has a men’s clothing line – still better topless

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I haven’t talked about Kellan Lutz in so long! I almost forget what he looks like (almost). Perfect abs are hard to forget. Breath-taking abs are impossible to forget. It’s a dirty shame that he keeps them covered up in public. He really shouldn’t. He’s even decided to make a business about how he covers up his mouth-watering abs. Outrageous!!! Ok fine, it’s a smart idea too. Like I always say (not really), “You should never put all your eggs in one basket.”

The point – Kellan is launched a men’s clothing line entitled, “Abbot + Main.” It consists of 25 ready-to-wear men’s pieces. I’m glad he’s not selling out and putting his name in the title, but I’ll be ranting and raving if he isn’t in the campaign photos. If this goes well he should definitely dip himself into a ladies’ line. He doesn’t even really have to name it. He could pull a Prince and just have a symbol that will become recognized by millions. That symbol would of course be his naked chest.

I think I just made him millions.

pic via Men’s Health

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