Katy Perry launches “Purr” in Toronto. We were there!

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Katy Perry took time out of her day today to stop by the Eaton’s Centre to promote her new perfume, “Purr.” She was 1.5 hours late, but I don’t give 2 shits. I’m usually a stickler for punctuality, but she had the only acceptable excuse! She was busy meeting fans before her interview!

That’s what I love to hear!!!

She looked uber fab as well. I’m kinda a fan of the Ginger look on her. I have said in the past that all gingers are evil without souls, but I’ll just blame that on the Southpark. I dig the hair. Sure, it’s no blue, but it’s still cool.

I felt sorry for Nicole (the interviewer) though. She didn’t really stand a chance today! Katy answered a couple of her questions, but Katy soon turned it to the fans! She spent most of her time on stage answering all sorts of questions from the fans only. Nicole kinda just stood in the background twisting her hair. Whatevs! You still got paid, biotch! Check out the video of Katy answering some questions.

Oh, and I effing love that she’s into her cats. Pheobe and Chandler (my cats) would approve. Woohoo Kitty Purry!

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