Katie Holmes spotted in Cobourg, Ontario filming The Kennedy’s

  • SumoMe

Katie Holmes was spotted 30 minutes from my cottage in Cobourg, Ontario yesterday. Really? Cobourg? They couldn’t film your tv movie, The Kennedy’s somewhere else? Like the States? It’s pretty hick out there, pretty hick indeed. They like straw hats, driving in only cutoffs and saying “eh?” at the end of every sentence. I can say this, I’ve spent a lot of time there. Those types of people suspect aliens far quicker than a city dweller with average intelligence. That’s not so good when you’re from another planet like Katie’s husband, Tom Cruise. Tom is in New York so he’s obviously not there. I’m not sure if Katie is from outer space too, but Suri is at least half alien. You guys better watch your backs!

Since I live close and am such a nice person, I will try to get the set local as soon as possible. Be patient with me for I do have a daytime job as well. I will work my magic so check back here often!

Check back here anyways!

P.S. You know what else I love? Hate mail!!! Yeah!!! It does make me laugh, cuz really I don’t care what  you think. If you have an opinion, get your own site. People obviously can’t take jokes and can’t tell whether a joke is a joke. If you take this site seriously, don’t. Get over yourself.  Cheers!

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