Justin Timberlake to host season finale of SNL

  • SumoMe

I’m not a fan of his facial hair, but I’m a fan of his sexyback. Hells yeah! Justin Timberlake has proven himself hilarious over the years, making me kinda like him. I remember the ‘NSync days when I’d go to their shows and fawn over J.C. Justin had no chance. Sure he beatboxed like a champ and then wooed the girls in the crowd. Not me though. Who knew that him singing about his dick in a box would win me over??!!

I kinda did.

Justin is hosting Saturday Night Live again, ladies. He’s closing out the season on May 21st. He better do another music video with sex on a stick Andy Samberg. OOOOOhhhh he better. I’m not exactly sure what I’d do if he didn’t (probably nothing), but it’s always worth a try at threatening!

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