Justin Timberlake says “NO” to Glee

  • SumoMe

Oh Justin Timberlake, why must you be so mean??!!

As I’ve seen on the net today (who knows how accurate, but I’ll post anyways until proven otherwise) Justin was approached by Glee to use his music. And why not? His stuff is the shiz. It would be great to see Finn singing Cry Me A River to Rachel. Bahhahaha. I mean – boo- I kinda want them together actually. Anyways, Justin said no to Glee.


How could you??!!! You should be uber flattered that they wanted to use your shiz! Everyone else on Earth has said yes Justin (including Britney, who you are destined to be with. HA!). Why the party pooper??

If this is true, please reconsider. Your stuff would be awesome on the show.

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