Justin Timberlake & Mila Kunis talk sex on Ellen today

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Who watched Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis on Ellen today? You know, I forgot how unbelievable hot he was. Just another to add to the list, right? She’s adorbs too. I love how psycho she seemed in the Black Swan. Anyways, they were on the show to talk about their new movie “Friends with Benefits,” their sex scenes and how they saw each other’s kibbles and bits. Both sexes cry in jealousy. If you’re an avid reader of my site here, you’d know that I had sex locations up the ying yang a year ago for this movie. If you didn’t go in Los Angeles or New York City, you were sadly mistaken. My fave comedian, Andy Samberg, is also in this movie. Sans the Lonely Island unfortunately.

Justin Timberlake & Mila Kunis on Ellen Degeneres<<<<<<<————– video

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