Justin Timberlake back with Jessica Biel? In Toronto?

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I just walked into my desk – true story. My toe is currently purple and throbbing. Hurts like a bitch. You  know what else hurts like a bitch?

My heart.

Justin Timberlake in Toronto? What? How did I not know about this?

Oh right, cuz I was out of town. Of course I was!

Apparently he was/is here visiting ex/current girlfriend Jessica Biel. Back together? Oh, but why?!! The world deserves to have you single again! Only because we haven’t really ever experienced you single…..ever. He’s a serial monogomist. That bastard.

Anyways, the pair was spotted out for dinner on Sunday at the Black Hoof. Hey ladies, scurry down to Yorkville and take a look for me? Pretty please?!  Maybe this will continue, considering that Jessica will be in town filming Total Recall for another month yet.

Oh me oh my!

source: hollywood reporter

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