Josh Groban tickles my fancy yet again! Benefit concert for the arts!

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Oh Josh Groban how I heart thee. Let me count the ways….

I won’t actually do that. I doubt you want me to ramble on about the sexiness of a boy who wears glasses and a good dirty joke. I’ll save that for my chit chat during meet the teacher night tomorrow. Ha ha! I kid! I kid! I don’t have kids. Anyways, the point…

Joshy is at it again! No, it’s not co-hosting with Kelly Ripa. It’s giving some big time dough to the kiddies! We all know that the tooth fairy hasn’t been pulling her weight (insert head shake here). Josh is going to be the center of attention at a kick ass event being held at the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles on June 28, 2012. What is it about, you ask? Please Laura, do tell! Indubitably! Well Joshy will be performing to benefit the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and his very own Find your Light Foundation.

I love it when celebs shell out cold hard cash at arts education. I remember being all up in that stuff when I was a wee one and not being able to take part in some serious competitions because of the lack of funding. Nevermind the lack of instruments as well. I had to borrow/rent for years and crap adds up. Just ask my parents. I don’t think they’d have a problem retelling their tales of scraping by and walking to and from school uphill in the snow. It really happened.

I know the question you’re screaming at my website right now. SHHH!!! It’s sensitive! How much are tickets? Are there even tickets? Do I have to dress appropriately or just come in my sweat-stained t-shirt and cargo shorts? Well, there are tickets and they are slated at a variety of price points. They start off at $50 and range up to $1000 a piece. Order at your discretion/credit limit.

Please take pics for me. I obviously won’t be there. No, in spirit doesn’t count.

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