Josh Groban makes me all twitterpaded in Toronto

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Helllooooo Josh Groban fans!

I dunno about you, but I’ve been looking forward to this for quite some time. His tour stop in my city – Toronto. I kinda became twitterpaded by his quips back when he decided to give discounted tickets for students a few months ago. I had previously enjoyed a few romantic evenings with his voice, but I hadn’t paid attention to him as an individual.

I’ve read up on the boy a bit, and let me tell you…..his charms hit me right where it counts.

My hypothalamus, you pervs. Although, his fans do have a sexy side to them and that is very much appreciated over here. Anyways, he digs education for the arts and that ranks numero uno on my concern list as well. I come from an entire family of teachers (except myself), so I’ve been raised with education, especially arts education, as a high priority. I know the benefits it can have on young tots. I also learned of Josh’s love for science and space. The red light just went on at my place.

That’s hot. I’m majorly into science (it’s my 9-5) so I like people who find that appealing. It’s harder to find than you think!

So, I will be at his show in Toronto at the Air Canada Centre, and I hope you are too. I’ve never seen him live before and hope that he tickles my fancy. It would be nice to meet him one day, but a girl can dream.

If anyone is lucky enough to meet his aquaintance while he is in town, I would love to post about it! Let me know and I’ll smack your experiences up here and drool over your pictures.

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