John Mayer’s Toronto show – freakin’ wicked, especially when he talked about his Valentine <3

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So…..saw John Mayer last night.


Like I wouldn’t anyways, right? Kinda bias when it comes to the music I prefer. Who isn’t really.

There’s been a lot of talk about John lately, I’ve been keen to post about it as well. Even with all the douchey talk and the womanizing tendencies, he gave a great show last night. I’ve seen him in concert many a time, and no shit he’s a good guitar player. We all know he’s funny from interviews, and his ability to get noticed. Maybe it was just my luck, but he never spoke much during any of the other shows I’ve been to. Last night he wouldn’t shut up. Me likey.

One part of the show which everyone liked, was when he talked about his friend Issac. He’s a  little kid with some health problems, but a heart for John Mayer. He made John a valentine for Valentine’s day that John shared with the crowd. The camera caught Issac a few times during the show, and it was the cutest thing. He would be  strumming away at his air guitar just like John was. Soooo cute!

Also loved the way he didn’t make the singles of the audience feel left out. F*cking couples can rot in hell. What, did you really think I’d go an entire post without swearing a little? Hhahahaha silly rabbit.

Here is the video you have to watch from last night’s show. John and his valentine.

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