John Mayer makes kids’ dream come true. Focus on that people, not the comments made before. F*ck, it’s over. Move on. The kid’s happy!

  • SumoMe

I really don’t know what to make of John Mayer. Kinda leaning towards the “I don’t give 2 f*cks what you say ‘cuz I like your music and I don’t want anything to ruin that” direction. If only more people took it, the high road. People say bad things, people do bad things. Look at Peewee Herman. He’s making some sort of a comeback now and he showed his peen to kiddies. That’s F’ed up. I’m not sticking up for Mayer or anything, but people need to move on. Far other more important things to worry about in this world – like war, poverty, natural disasters and the fact that Paris Hilton still exists. What gives?

Anyways, since I used to idolize a few musicians in my childhood, I did think this was a way cool gesture. I’d still think it was way cool even if it wasn’t Mayer who did it. Whether he has a heart of he’s doing it to save face, who knows? Really, who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The kid who got the good end of it sure is happy. And really, that is what should matter. He got to meet his idol, freaking play guitar with him to a packed stadium, and keep the damn guitar he played on. Nothing else can really top that except well….if Mayer did that naked. Well, that would my dream wouldn’t it? Haha. It’s my blog, isn’t it!!?????!!!!

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